Request a Registration Cancellation

Once you start the cancellation process, you cannot use the Back button. Please use the links at the top or bottom to navigate.

You can cancel a course registration if the cancellation deadline for the course hasn't passed. The deadline for canceling isĀ 48 hours after the last day of the course. If you have multiple registrations to cancel, you must do them one at a time. Review the steps below. You will begin by providing your driver's license.

Overview of Steps

  1. Provide your driver's license below and click the 'LOCATE MY REGISTRATION(S)' button. This will return a list of your active course registrations. (This will include any courses with pending cancellation requests.)
  2. Locate the registration you wish to cancel.
  3. If the start date of the course meets the cancellation deadline requirements, you will be allowed to request to cancel the course by clicking the 'REQUEST CANCELLATION' button. If a cancellation request is pending, you can request a duplicate of the email that was sent (see step 6).  Two duplicates are allowed.
  4. If you have provided a deposit for this registration, you will then be asked to indicate how you want the money handled.
  5. Review your request and click the 'FINALIZE REQUEST' button.
  6. IMPORTANT: The system will send you an email using the email address you provided when you registered for the course. (For security reasons, you are not allowed to change this email address except by contacting the office.) You must follow instructions in this email to finalize the cancellation. You will then receive a confirmation email indicating that the registration has been cancelled.
Be sure that the email displayed for your registration(s) is valid. If it isn't, contact the office for assistance.

Locate your Registration(s)

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